The next day, Alessandra drove Tony’s old car to run some errands. She was walking through […]
Alessandra awoke the next morning felling more rested than usual. Not having to wake up in […]
Alessandra made her way down 11th Avenue away from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. […]
What should you be selectively apathetic about today? Revisionist history attempts from lazy people.
Sitting back in her apartment, Alessandra was preoccupied thinking of her meeting with Nandini and seeing […]
The alarm went off and only Alessandra’s arm found its way out of the covers. It […]
Alessandra was looking forward to enjoying a beautiful New York spring day. The flowers and the […]
The Olympic Diner was busier than usual this morning. There were no booths available, so Alessandra […]
In this excerpt from Better Living Through Selective Apathy, I talk about something rather timely right […]
Enjoy this free preview of the beginning of Balancers, my light urban fantasy fiction novel, available […]