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Who Are the Balancers?

Meet Alessandra Genovese

Most major religions teach that revenge is wrong, and that God will accordingly repay those who do good or evil. But whose job is it to ensure that God’s justice on earth is carried out?

Alessandra Genovese is a student at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. She laments the cruelty of the general public. She wants to know that people will suffer the consequences of their evil deeds.

A woman named Gabrielle overhears, and asks questions about good and evil, revenge and justice, punishment and reward. When Alessandra says she isn’t interested in revenge, but instead, that divine justice will actually be done, Gabrielle invites her to join a special group of people who are the facilitators of divine justice in the world: Balancers.

But something menacing and dangerous is happening behind the scenes, and people are dying. Will Alessandra and the authorities stop the murders and catch the assassin before another innocent dies?


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