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Stress and Anxiety Suck

Better Living Through Selective Apathy is your helpful guide to achieving a balanced life. Making a conscious decision about what is worth caring about helps us understand the reasons why we have stress and anxiety in our daily lives.

We are bombarded with ‘daily atrocities.’ Every one of them are molehills we’re expected to turn into mountains, but doing so only strands us in an inescapable mountain range. We cannot be effective in coping with problems or creating necessary change in our world when we are spread in too many directions.


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Narrated by Mike Chadwick

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Reader Reviews

Here are just a few reviews from those who have been brave enough to read this book.

As the stuff is currently hitting the fan from too many angles, Better Living Through Selective Apathy shows us how to simplify our lives and try to calm down by beginning with our own actions and attitudes. Alexander does a nice job explaining advanced concepts in recognizable and often humorous form.

Amazon Reviewer

I’m generally not a fan of self-help books, but I am a fan of this one. The author has an engaging style that entertains readers while encouraging them to see how wasteful certain behaviors and activities are. You will smile while you read this book, but chances are you’ll recognize yourself in some of the behaviors described. You’ll think twice before you waste time or energy on people and concerns that are not worth the anxiety they cause. Highly recommend.

Amazon Reviewer

This is truly a great, easy read to help you through this time of chaos and whatever comes next. I also quite liked all the positivity throughout the book. They always tried to provide insight and encourage the reader to work on practicing selective apathy. The author was also brutally honest at moments though it was always followed with some alacrity and sarcasm. I have many notes from the book to help inspire me in the future. Overall, I have to give this book a full 5 stars.

Shannon Winings