They say not to judge a book by its cover but I need you to do […]
I'm happy to share with everyone that the official launch of "Balancers" will be taking place on August 28th. I'll be hosting a Facebook live event at 6pm that day!
In my self-help book, Better Living Through Selective Apathy, I frequently discuss the need for critical, […]
Most major religions teach that revenge is wrong, and that God will accordingly repay those who do good or evil. But whose job is it to ensure that God's justice on earth is carried out?
Not only are you full of crap, you’re full of multiple stacks of crap. You’re full of crap because you don’t know everything and yet you feel justified in telling other people how to live their lives. You’re full of crap because the information you’re sharing with the world comes from apocryphal, if not completely erroneous, sources of information. You’re even full of crap because your home is full of stuff you don’t actually need.
We are pulled in many directions at once, with people airing their dirty laundry or their latest cause du jour. We are unreasonably expected to respond to each and every little thing, and if we don't validate what others are posting, we are perceived negatively.
It’s not common that a person likes being told what to do. Most people will bristle […]
The following is the introduction to my book Better Living Through Selective Apathy, available on Amazon. […]
Reacting to a particular evil by painting a whole set of people with the same big brush, also known as profiling, might just be worse than the original evil the painter experienced. By examining the true cause of the evil, we can paint with a much smaller brush. Instead of painting “THEM ALL” with a huge brush, we paint “that one” with the smaller one.
In my book, Better Living Through Selective Apathy, I have an entire chapter devoted to differences between people. The overall theme of the chapter encourages those who have suffered an injustice to focus their anger toward the evil individual, not the innocent group to which that individual belongs.