Alessandra awoke the next morning felling more rested than usual. Not having to wake up in […]
Alessandra made her way down 11th Avenue away from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. […]
Sitting back in her apartment, Alessandra was preoccupied thinking of her meeting with Nandini and seeing […]
The alarm went off and only Alessandra’s arm found its way out of the covers. It […]
Alessandra was looking forward to enjoying a beautiful New York spring day. The flowers and the […]
The Olympic Diner was busier than usual this morning. There were no booths available, so Alessandra […]
In this excerpt from Better Living Through Selective Apathy, I talk about something rather timely right […]
Enjoy this free preview of the beginning of Balancers, my light urban fantasy fiction novel, available […]
Not only are you full of crap, you’re full of multiple stacks of crap. You’re full of crap because you don’t know everything and yet you feel justified in telling other people how to live their lives. You’re full of crap because the information you’re sharing with the world comes from apocryphal, if not completely erroneous, sources of information. You’re even full of crap because your home is full of stuff you don’t actually need.
We are pulled in many directions at once, with people airing their dirty laundry or their latest cause du jour. We are unreasonably expected to respond to each and every little thing, and if we don't validate what others are posting, we are perceived negatively.