We are pulled in many directions at once, with people airing their dirty laundry or their latest cause du jour. We are unreasonably expected to respond to each and every little thing, and if we don't validate what others are posting, we are perceived negatively.
It’s not common that a person likes being told what to do. Most people will bristle […]
The following is the introduction to my book Better Living Through Selective Apathy, available on Amazon. […]
Reacting to a particular evil by painting a whole set of people with the same big brush, also known as profiling, might just be worse than the original evil the painter experienced. By examining the true cause of the evil, we can paint with a much smaller brush. Instead of painting “THEM ALL” with a huge brush, we paint “that one” with the smaller one.
Apathy is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. What, then, is Selective Apathy? Selective Apathy is purposefully making a choice regarding what you do not allow to take hold of your interest, enthusiasm, or concern. In short, it is deciding what you will, and absolutely will not, give a wet slap about.